Environment & Community

Animal Conservation

Makongo Hills supported and enabled a banded mongoose and vervet monkeys release back into their geographical distribution range. The rehabilitation and re-wilding was done here at Makongo Hills, in 2021, in association with CROW (Centre of Rehabilitation for Wildlife): https://crowkzn.co.za/

Water Conservation

In an effort to conserve water we run a low pressure, gravity fed water system, and a borehole which runs off solar. We practice water harvesting, with collection tanks. Water saving practices are in place for our gardens, and all our rooms have showers.  


Gardens are as indigenous as possible, using plants that are water friendly. We have strict alien -invasive controls in place and are currently educating our local community on identification and eradication procedures.


Solar panels provide electricity to all the properties. Being conscious of how much energy is used we have low energy fans instead of air conditioners. Makongo Hills is a fully solar-powered lodge, ensuring our green footprint. 


We are actively involved in making a difference to the local community.

CIVA is our own NPO and community project.